Who we are?

We are currently working toward establishing a trauma centre which would cater for children and young people.

The Homicide Victims, Support Group was established in June 1993 by founding members Grace and Garry Lynch, parents of Anita Cobby and Christine and Peter Simpson, parents of Ebony Simpson.

Grace’s Place, named after the late Grace Lynch, will be a world first residential trauma recovery centre, which will provide support, therapeutic programs and learning skills on how to survive the trauma of losing a loved one.

Why we do it?

Among the most traumatised when a loved one is lost through murder are children and young adults. Experience has shown us children of homicide require stronger and more direct support. Grace’s Place will be that place, a special place where young members can heal and survive.

What we do?

We are working together to build Grace’s Place. To do this we need the support of the community, the government and business organisations.

Children are often the unseen, unheard victims of homicide.
Their lives are changed forever.

Grace’s Place will be there to provide support in a safe place where children, teenagers and their families grieving the death of someone they love through homicide, can share their experiences, receive counselling, be involved in therapeutic programs and learn life skills on how to survive the trauma without their loved one.

Our Counsellors are experienced at working with younger members of the group and provide the support and counselling required. Currently these services are available in our office, in the homes of young ones or at school by prior arrangement.

But there is still so much more that can be done for these young members. Services are limited and the lack of facilities mean that children are missing out on the support they need to get through the grief of losing a loved one to murder.

By having this specifically focused facility we will be able to provide many services now lacking to the younger members of the HVSG.

Grace’s Place is named in honour of Grace Lynch, the mother of Anita Cobby and was one of the founding members of the HVSG. Grace was a gentle, caring woman who shared her life and loss with so many, becoming a mother to so many.

Grace’s Place will be a special place where our young members can heal and survive.

Please call us “If you are worried about your reactions or feelings, please call us on 02 8833 8400 or toll free 1800 191 777 any time of the day or night. info@hvsgnsw.org.au